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Warehousing / Surplus

Important: Please read all items before continuing

  • Make sure you choose the correct type of form at “Equipment Type” drop down menu:
    1. Computer/Hard Drive,
    2. Items to be Decontaminated(Lab Equipment) or
    3. All Other Surplus.
  • All furniture not able to fit thru door or onto elevator must be disassembled by maintenance or facilities before submitting surplus form.(This includes all L or U shaped desks and desks with hutches attached.
  • Anything attached to walls must be removed from walls by maintenance or facilities before submitting surplus form.
  • All file cabinets and safes must be empty and unlocked.
  • All lab equipment must be emptied, drained and decontaminated and MUST go on an “Items to be Decontaminated” form, showing these items have been cleaned and decontaminated before we will pick them up.
  • All computers and/or tablets and cellphones must be factory reset and have no google or apple accounts still attached.(If old employee or no one knows password, please make a note)
  • All cellphones need to be uncoupled from providers before we can accept them as surplus.
  • The only items surplus does NOT accept is cubicle furniture, broken furniture or trash(You can contact recycling or throw them away).
  • Please list items under “Description”, not in the notes/special instructions section, this is for special instructions ONLY. Also there is a (+) sign at the end of each line to add more to as many lines as you need. Thanks

By selecting one of the links below, I certify that I have read and understand the items listed above.

Surplus Equipment Form
Vehicles, Sell In Place & Online Auctions